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Broke Straight Boys Video

Straight Boys Matt and Darren

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Darren and Matt are no strangers to the Broke Straight Boys site, but this is the first time that they’re going to go all of the way with anal sex.

The guys start off on the bed by watching some straight porn to get their cocks nice and hard. After jerking for a few minutes, Matt stands up while Darren is still on the bed, grabs his head and pushes his mouth onto his cock. Darren has sucked dick before when he previously went gay for pay for Broke Straight Boys so he knows exactly what to do with Matt’s cock.

After sucking on Matt’s cock for while, Matt decides that it is time for Darren to lose his anal virginity. It took some effort and slowly but surely, Matt had his big thick and juicy cock buried deep into Darren’s ass. After Darrin takes a few moments of getting used to his ass being stuffed with a cock, Matt starts to slowly hump him, increasing speed with each thrust.

After some slow and light fucking, Darren’s ass is stretched and primed for a hard fucking, which is exactly what Matt gives to him. After lots of hot fucking, both guys blow a huge load of cum.

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