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Straight College Boys Going Gay

Dick Dorm Straight College Boys Going Gay

These frat boys found the website Dick Dorm, which offers $10,000 for each submission where straight college boys do gay stuff. They tell visitors that they should get a gay guy to bait the straight guys and lure them with promises of lots of cash.

In this submission, the a straight college boy have to give a blowjob and fuck a gay guy. As you can see, the straight guy has no idea what he is doing when giving a blowjob, but when you watch the video you find that he eventually find his way. The poor guy that is fucking a guys ass for the first time has to rely on a prop in order to keep it up — a dirty magazine full of naked chicks.

At the end, when they’ve all spilled their cum all over the place, all of these college boys look happy. Who wants to bet that they go gay again when a chick isn’t around to get them off? What’s the saying… “once you go gay, you never go back.” Err wait, that’s not it.

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Dick Dorm

Dick Dorm

Dick Dorm Videos

Dick Dorm pays $10,000 for submissions of college boys doing gay things on video. They get a ton of submissions (it’s great money, after all!) and the best make it up on the site.

In this Dick Dorm video, three frat boys are having a dick measuring contest when things suddenly get out of control and they’re doing a lot more than just measuring their cocks. In fact, all of them are mostly naked and there is lots of dick sucking going on. The best part is that one of these guys is straight! Can you figure out which one it is? Click here to watch the Dick Dorm video and figure out the mystery!

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Wild College Party at Dick Dorm

College boys in pyramid

Have you heard about Dick Dorm yet? It is an awesome site that pays college students up to $10,000 per video of straight boys doing gay things. They also encourage gay guys to try to lure their straight buddies at college into doing gay things and recording all of it. This is easiest accomplished by throwing a big party where things are bound to get out of hand … like in this Dick Dorm video called Apples and Balls.

Things start out innocent enough. Both girls and guys are at the party and they are lubricating their throats will all kinds of things they probably shouldn’t be drinking. After getting crazy and playing games like dunking for apples, they blindfold a few guys and let them believe that the girls are going to blow them. Before the blowjobs start, the girls step away and the guys take over! So hot! There are also lots of other hot shenanigans that you can watch here.

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Shirtless frat boysFrat boys mooning camera

Dick Dorm Videos

Frat boys getting blowjobsStraight frat boy getting blowjob from guyStraight jocks getting blowjobs from guys

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