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Haze Him

Haze Him Tyler Sweet

Haze Him Videos

In this Haze Him video called “Dunk These Nuts” some of the pledges hoping to get into the fraternity have to put cream all over their nuts and teabag the other frat pledges. After they’ve been humiliated, two of the guys get fucked for the first time.

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Haze Him Videos

Haze Him Videos

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Haze Him videos are by far one of my favorite gay porn types. If you haven’t heard, it’s a site where guys from fraternities around the US send in videos of them doing gay things. The guys get paid for videos that are selected to appear on the site, so the incentive is there for straight or curious guys to do really gay shit in hopes of making some quick cash.

The above is from a Haze Him video called Pecker Wrestling. The boys are from a fraternity in the Southwest and the older frat boys decided to make the pledges wrestle to decide which made it into the fraternity. As they always do, they made the pledges get naked and wrestle skin against skin. One thing led to another and there ended up being some dick sucking and two of the pledges even get fucked in this hot Haze Him video.

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Haze Him Videos

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Real College Frat Boys at Haze Him

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Real College Frat Boys at Haze Him

Haze Him Videos

These hot photos are from a Haze Him video called Jake’s Revenge.

This video is from a US fraternity where a blacklisted pledge steals one of his frat brother’s video cameras to out him. Not only would he¬†embarrass the frat brother that got him blacklisted, he knew he’d make money from selling the tape to Haze Him.¬†Luckily for us, the stolen video ended up being a hot video with lots of hazing that ended up being really gay at the end. In fact, not only does the video contain lots of naked frat boys who are being hazed, but the end of it has two frat boys fucking on a dorm room bed.

This is a 36 minute video packed full of hot frat boy action. Click here to watch it!

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Haze Him – No Guts No Glory

Haze Him Naked College Jocks

Today’s update is from Haze Him, which happens to be my favorite porn site.

The update is called No Guts No Glory. These straight college boys are desperate to get into the fraternity and will put it all on the line in order to do so. The senior frat brothers made the recruits prove their dedication by going through a series or rigorous events that included having them strip down and visit a sorority house so all of the girls could point and laugh, streaking through stores, doing their laundry at the laundromat naked and stealing the mascots of other fraternities. They even made them do gay stuff with some pledges blowing each other and even taking it up the ass!

This is one of the hottest Haze Him videos I’ve seen and you can click here to watch the entire thing!

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Haze Him Videos

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