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Gay for Pay Boys Jimmy and Brett

Gay for Pay Boys Jimmy and Brett

Broke Straight Boys Videos

I’m back with another hot installment from world famous gay for pay site Broke Straight Boys.

This update features the rugged (and definitely straight) Jimmy fucking the twinkish but still straight Brett, who opens his legs up to a cock for the very first time.

Both boys are in the studio because they’re unemployed again and need to earn some quick cash. Brett needs the most and soon figures out that the only way he is going to get what he needs is by lubing his ass up and taking Jimmy’s fat cock.

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Straight Boys Going Gay for Pay

Gay for Pay

Broke Straight Boys Videos

Jimmy and Zach are on the Broke Straight Boys futon today to do a anal scene in exchange for quick cash. It is decided that Zach is going to take Jimmy’s dick. After negotiating the amount they’d be paid, Jimmy stood up and Zach slid down onto his knees to take Jimmy’s cock in his mouth. Although Zach had only sucked dick one or two times before, he must know what he was doing because by the look on Jimmy’s face, he’s giving a great blowjob.

After some sucking, the guys sit back down on the futon and Jimmy reveals that his cock is a twitcher, which happened to intrigue Zach, who couldn’t keep his eyes off it bouncing all around. After some stalling tactics by the boys, it’s time for Zach to take his very first cock up his ass courtesy of Jimmy. After getting him prepped and lubed up, Jimmy slowly slides his cock into Zach’s tight virgin hole. After Zach got used to having a guys cock fill his ass, Jimmy slowly starts fucking him while Zach jerks his own cock. Before long they’re fucking at a good speed and the guys blow huge loads of cum.

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Broke Straight Boys Go Gay for Pay

Matt and Jimmy from Broke Straight Boys

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Matt and Jimmy have both been on the infamous Broke Straight Boys futon but this time they are back and more broke than ever. While they’ve been on the site before, they’ve never done something with another guy and this is the first time that they do. Matt agrees to suck Jimmy’s cock for $300 and Jimmy agrees to let Matt do it for $200. Although Jimmy has never sucked dick before, it doesn’t take too long for him to figure out what he is doing and he ends up giving Matt and great blowjob.

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