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Rent Boys Jadizon and Blake Go Gay for Pay

Straight Rent Boys Jadizon and Blake

Straight Rent Boys

Straight Rent Boys has another hot video out featuring the Cuban rent boy Jadizon and his buddy and fellow hustler Blake.

David from D&E Productions, the guy that shoots for Straight Rent Boys, enlisted help from his buddy Jadizon when hitting the streets of Miami looking for another straight hustler to turn for his straight boy boot camp. Jadizon introduced David to his buddy Blake. Blake was nervous about the camera at first but loosened up after awhile.

David brought both of the rent boys back to the studio and asked them to blow each other. Blake had never done anything gay before, but David offered him some money to go gay for pay. Always needing more money, it was an offer Blake couldn’t refuse and before long, him and his buddy were on the bed and doing gay stuff.

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Straight Rent Boys Jacob and Chris

Straight Rent Boys

Straight Rent Boys Videos

If you haven’t heard, Straight Rent Boys is a great site filmed by David, a guy known for getting straight boys to strip down and do things they never thought they would in exchange for cold hard cash.

In this episode we have Jacob and Chris, two guys who say they are straight. Jacob is straight up hetero, but Chris admits to having his “quirks,” so there may be some gay tendencies there — and that’s good for us! Jacob is a straight rent boy but accepts $50 now and again to give the¬†occasional¬†blowjob. Jacob’s girlfriend bitches to at him a lot about money and the $50 always comes in handy when he needs her to shut up. David gets both of the guys to give each other blowjobs by throwing $300 at them — more than they usually get hustling on the streets.

Now that David has them enrolled in his straight boy bootcamp, he knows that they are like putty in his hands and can get them to do more. By throwing a lot more money at them, David gets Jacob and Chris to have their first anal experience with Chris fucking Jacob’s virgin ass in this hot Straight Rent Boys video.

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